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"In order to get what you want in life
you must first help others get what they want!"

That quote and philosophy is what has guided much of my success throughout my journey, and one I hope you can share. Our journey began in 2004 when my father and I partnered up and started our pursuit to develop a home based Network Marketing MLM business. It definitely was not easy at first. We encountered many obstacles, personal road blocks, and a ton of skepticism from friends and family. However, we began to see MAJOR success after we found the right coaching, guidance, and direction from a few key mentors who crossed our path.

We discovered a few simple and effective techniques, strategies, and mindsets that propelled our business from nearly nothing to well OVER $1 MILLION in sales within an extremely short amount of time. Our newfound knowledge allowed our team, "Team Horizon", to play an instrumental part in propelling several different online businesses. We were able to take much of what we learned and help coach others into personal successes in both online and offline endeavors. The techniques and strategies we learned from a few key mentors continue to play a major role in our successes today! 

        We want to help you get what you want from your
       own Home Based Business.
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This is why we are very excited to share with you that the very same mentor that helped us get our start IS BACK in the field himself and ready to help anyone who is willing to learn!

This is the same mentor who helped us make our first $10,000 in home based income when we promoted his training program in 2004!  This same mentor taught us many of our marketing principles which in turn shortly afterward led to us breaking our first $1,000 in residual income and ultimately to achieving $10,000 months! His techniques and strategies eventually helped us personally recruit over 300 direct affiliates and distributors, and was instrumental in helping us figure out how to build our first major MLM team that surpassed 3,000 distributors nationwide!  

When we heard that he was going to reinstitute his training, combined with the knowledge and experience of several other powerful industry leaders and then enhance it with some powerful marketing tools that ANY home based entrepreneur could utilize and profit PLUS combine it with a lucrative compensation program that would help the struggling (or even experienced) home business entrepreneur…. well, we knew how powerful this would be for individuals like you! And yes, I mean YOU, because otherwise you wouldn't have read this far with this much interest or curiosity. That is why you should email us right away!

We didn’t want to just share with you another “mass marketing website”, because it would be too easy to click through and click off and miss what was really happening. This launch is going to be too important for you to miss out on because you carelessly skimmed through a website.  Instead, we want you to take the physical action of sending us a quick email to indicate your interest in learning more. We will then email back a direct link for you to follow and learn more about our complete program and how it will assist in you meeting your financial goals or personal business expansion. Plus... fast action is vital for you.

This is designed for every marketer, regardless if they currently have a business or are still searching, but we are only looking for the select few who are willing to learn. Plus, those who are action oriented will experience the momentum that will be created through Team Horizon and our other leader's personal promotions! This will be mind blowing!

I urge you to take immediate action and don’t miss out!

Email your interest to right now!

To your success,

Dwight Halstead

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