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The official numbers are out and in 2010 our industry was able to produce 28.56 Billion Dollars of sales in the U.S. and 117 Billion is worldwide sales (Direct Selling Association independent research). After evaluating several corporate independent reports it appears that the numbers have significantly increased during 2012 with 2013 looking even more promising.  This gives us an exciting future in which we can look forward as our 9 year old public company surges forward.  We have an exciting opportunity to position you with a promising and lucrative future. Watch our brief video and complete our survey and we will share more with you about our company, our products, and opportunity.

Team Horizon was created with the mindset that we are only successful when we can help you be successful. We have a solid opportunity for you to develop your own home based business, so you may work from home and make a full time income.

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Dwight Halstead